Visual Artist – Performance – Video



Rebeca is a Visual Artist that works with cross disciplines: Digital Art, Interactive Art and Performing Art. After several years of performing experience, Rebeca got immersed into Digital Art and from the last five years her artistic practice is directed from a Performing Arts’ perspective. The main focus of her creative approach is based on the interaction between the piece, the performer(s) and the audience or user. Her work can be seen as an Interactive Installation with performers where video, graphics, electronics and sound are combined.



Normally, Rebeca form the piece’s content in collaboration with participants and dramatist. Performers are invited according to the working subject and their interest to get involved in the creative process; resulting a highly personal, authentic and vibrant material. She has been working lately on non-linear narrative structures using performers, dancers, video projections, and life music. Her last production, LINKS:stories from the border*, was produced in a collaboration manner and tells verbal and graphically three different stories from a highly personal standpoint; video, graphics, life music, voice, body movement, choreography are used in an opened stage.



Started her artistic practice as a classical and contemporary dancer, her Professional degree as a Performer in Classical Dance was obtained in 1988. At the same time she made studies in Graphic Design having her First degree as a Visual Marketing Design in 1989. She attended the Master in Visual Arts in the National School of Visual Arts in Mexico City in 1997. Subsequently, she worked as an interactive designer in the Interactive Lab - Multimedia Center – National Center of Arts, Mexico City, from 1997 to 2001. She owns a Master in Performing Arts from DasArts - De Amsterdamse School Advanced Research in Theatre and Dance Studies, Amsterdam 2005. Also the title of European Media Master of Arts: Interactive Multimedia, from Utrecht School of Arts – Faculty of Art, Media & Technology, The Netherlands 2002.

* DasArts Final Project 2005