Interactive Installation for a Dancer



Globulo is an Interactive Installation for one dancer. In the installation is combined the video, body movement and a presence-tracking system. The video is projected on a translucent video screen that is in front of the dancer, making an overlapped image with the projection. A web cam hidden in the video screen sends information to the interactive system in which if presence is detected a sound or image will be played. The dancer is the player of sounds and images.


Globulo, tells the sort of a man who explores the inner side of his bubble, where harmoniously detect his existence; he gets out if it eventually and makes contact to the exterior through an elastic tube that his install into his head.




Concept, images and direction: Rebeca Sanchez Aguilar
Performer: Andre Van Marwijk
Original Music: Thorolf Thuestad
Interactive System: Peter Van der Noord & Mathieu Van Gils




Utrecht, The Netherlands