LINKS. Stories from the border


LINKS is a multidisciplinary performance that tells verbal and graphically stories on the subject of the border. From different geographical spots: Mexico, Israel and Korea; three stories recount personal experiences about internal restrictions, geographical and human. There are three performers; they are original from the place in question that gives their own story using body movement, voice, images, storytelling and dance. Each context is totally different and in their individual character the unity is address. The elaboration of the material was made in collaboration with the performers. A dramatist was involved also in the development of the content. There are real stories that are performed on the basis of personal experiences and total freedom to alter the shape as long the content remains authentic.











LINKS is a Performing Installation where the audience is free on the stage, there are no seats, there is the possibility of explore the space at the same level than performers. The line which divides audience and performers as well as the stage and seats, is tackle dynamically. The stage could be all or inexistent at the same time. Performers, using four movable video screens, constantly manipulate the position of spectators as part of the stories; by moving the video screens the projections are modified in dimension and perspective.


















Concept, video and direction: Rebeca Sanchez Aguilar
Performers: Melissa Cisneros
Seon-ja Seo
Anat Stainberg

Life Music: Steve Heather
Dramatist: Inés Sauer
Architecture: Marta Pisco

LINKS: stories from the border, was selected as finalist in Transitio 01 Festival. México 2005.



LINKS: stories from the border is a DasArts Final Project 2005.



Hoorn & Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2005